Natasha Ceci, Journalist & Writer

Natasha Ceci, Journalist & Writer

Natasha Ceci, Journalist & Writer

Berlin called, and then those seduced by her mythologies answered.

Following the Pied Piper, were many crazy kids, who were introvert and insecure, coming in to her coil. Berlin, where history has been rehabilitated and winters not at all polite. With the same levity they left, leaving this northern harbour without sea and they discover that into dreams are pittances, too.

This city is an old woman who wanders in slippers but she studied, and invited you to read. As in a relationship, combined and spontaneous at the same time, these are well known of the times of passion and of betrayal, the times of truce and war. The suitcases are always ready at the door, open for a declaration of absolute love, at the last minute.

– Boy of Europe, Do you want to leave me? – Berlin asks
She has the swollen calves of beautiful lovers who don´t ask for devotion.
I’m fine with you, but you are not enough- I reply
– You will be restless everywhere- says cold and grey as her November.
-It isn´t your business-.

Her education, her civilized nature, allows her to breath in any doubt, without pressure, offering inspiration and silence without clamour. She seduces and rejects. I pray for her to awaken me, shamelessly, so to crumble the torpor and push up towards a more violent sun and honest love. Every story ends and Pied Piper exists only in fairy books.

Photo taken at Warschauer Brücke, Friedrichshain, Nov 2014

© petrov ahner