Lady Gaby, Spokenword Performance Artist

Lady Gaby-Spokenword Performance Artist

1991..the year I fell in love with Berlin & with a GERMAN

Love forever
In cold turke
I left my lips on your glass
Built for speed
On a road trip to Paradise
Met love’s ghost machine
Going down swinging
Lighting up my sky

In the basement
I drowned impure thoughts
On the fatal shore
I kicked poems written on cards

In my mind we were having breakfast in bed and
I was expressing myself with:
Bacon, egg, black pudding
Sausage and mushroom pie
And we toasted the day
(With a very large tea), in reality, a Jagermeister in disguise

Outside Illegitimate public people
On their own road to paradise
Turned love into poison by leaving children behind, begging for existence
Love forever
In cold turkey
I left my wishes on your glass
My love for you became a cult
In my mind we were having dialogues in the dark
With a tempo of smashing glass

Its not easy wasting a summer day
On a pier guarded by fishermen
Whistling love towards their buxom women
Cheap flirts with swollen pride
Who bake in the sun and smoke cigars
While dazzling seashells open up from heat
On a cat walk full of sand and beach
Watching fish drag their corpses upstream
Cos downstream
Everything else is quite now

Its not easy wasting a moment
Away from you and your stars
In cold turkey
I left my lipstick on your cup
And like a noisy pig
I watched girls groups against Bush no 1
Battling out frustrations with statements
Against wars for oil and miseries
But not love

What language does love speak?
Do love speeches embody culture?
Do they function as indicators of identity?
Of place of where and who you are?
Is love a vehicle of understanding this city of several million people
All battling for attention, by going to work or sleeping in bars
Word for Word, love opens up undiscovered pages in your life
(Word for word, love opens up life’s undiscovered pages)
Pages that will only be open when you are in love

Love forever, word for word, move for move, in cold turkey, love is a bore, a chore
And once again, cleansing my common sense
In cold turkey
I drowned your love bites in my glass.

photo taken at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Kreuzberg, Feb 2012

©petrov ahner