Barbara Fragogna, Artist

Barbara Fragogna-Artist

Barbara Fragogna, Artist


“Temporary feeling, Friday 4.1.2013”

Berlin is a cage and a field.
I’m chasing contraddictions.
I’m dressing contraddictions.
Out of the skin, under skin.
Here, my body is a whole mind.

The freedom the city gave me
began with a constriction.
I was upset and amazed.
I was skinny and fat.
I was lost and found,
and lost.

I’m still here.
I don’t speak german,
I refuse it (don’t ask me why, there are plenty of good reasons).

This is my english, imperfect, italian, visual, invented.
I’m using Berlin as a distorted mirror
Looking forward to Londoning myself… maybe.

I’m happy.
I do not complain at all.

Most of the time there is no sky here.
White as a sheet ready for a collage work.
The green is dark, beautifully gothic.
Fortunately, the water.

Not really alternative, not really avant garde,
not really sexy, not really chic, not really easy.
This “not really” city is the temporary wumb I’m kicking in.
It’s my pleasure and my concern.

As soon as it will be possible, I will go.
I’m going to stay here.


photo taken at Barbara’s apartment,  Neukölln, Dec 2012

© petrov ahner