Anna Livia Löwendahl Atomic, Artist, M{ }ESUM Director/Attendant & Otohpgrapher

Anna Livia Löwendahl Atomic, Artist, M{ }ESUM Director/Attendant & Otohpgrapher

“I am interested in the space (in) between. Between the visible and the hidden, betweeen the absent and the present, between the unspoken and the understood. Between the forgotten and the remembered, between the emerging and the disappearing, between permanence and change. Between the insignificant and the monumental, between the impossible and the inevitable, between the transient and the immortal. Between life and death, between art and life, and between you and me. The field between plus, minus and beyond…”

In Berlin there is enough gaps to fill the space and enough space to fill the gaps. The perfect place for a M{ }ESUM.

Here you may find the m{ }esum attendant, meticulously cataloging nobjects into the museum archieve or lovingly tending to your lost hats and scarves to your lost trust in political systems, to the memory of a body, to your old ego, to your numerous lost telephones, to your future plans, to your lost cause, to your unfulfilled desires and to the answer that you never received.

Photo taken at Neukölln, June 2013

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